Monday, March 20, 2017

20 March 2017 - I've been sleep-talking.


Spring has sprung up here in Idaho Falls and I am LOVING IT.  The skirt-and-wind combination, not so much... but the sunshine and lack of coat, beanie, and tights is marvelous.

I need to take some time to brag about a couple of our investigators:

FIRST, Ericka.
Ericka got baptized this past weekend and earlier that day we met up with her and her husband to the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor's center to have a lesson about stuff AFTER baptism - temples and families and such.  It was one of the BEST lessons.  We had the senior missionary couple who works at the VC come and talk to us about how being sealed in the temple has blessed their life.  It was so incredible.  After she left, some of the other sisters who work at the VC came up to us and asked about Ericka -- "Who was that girl? She was GLOWING."  They talked about how radiant she looked with the spirit.  How awesome is that?  It was a great baptism.

NOW, Jocelyn.
So, I've had a theory about SE Idaho for awhile.  Keep in mind that my theory is from the point of view of me, a missionary from the south who has served in 4-5 Idahoan towns ranging in size from "minuscule" (Newdale) to "less minuscule" (Idaho Falls).  My theory is this: For the most part, the people here either love the Mormons and the LDS church, or they dislike the Mormons and the LDS church.  LDS-Baptized AND non-LDS-baptized  people belong to both groups.  It's interesting.  After talking to Jocelyn the other day, I am more confident in my theory's validity.  Jocelyn went to school and told her friends that she has decided to get baptized next week, then all of her friends TOTALLY turned on her and started teasing her and making fun of her and trying to convince her to NOT get baptized (some of them members of the church).  HOW SAD IS THAT!  I was heartbroken that they would make fun of her.  She said that she's not welcome in a lot of her friend groups any more because of her decision but that she is still 100% on board with it.  I admire her faith and her courage in standing firm with what the spirit has told her to do.  I love teaching her.  Honestly, she IS Rory from Gilmore Girls.  The whole show describes her life.  Her mom is SO Lorelai, there is a Luke, the grandparents.... Ah.  It's all real.

(I forgot my camera today, so no pictures.... lo siento)

Last night I was drinking some Ovaltine and reading conference talks from last October, to show God that I am PUMPED to receive more revelatory goodness from Him next next weekend.  While so doing, I came across THIS TALK HERE and found it to be brilliant and wonderful.  How grateful I am for a Savior who teaches me all things.  

Last night my companion told me that I started loudly sleep-talking at 3am... She told me "rodeo clown" was the only intelligible phrase that she remembers.  No more nighttime ovaltine.

Sister McIntosh

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