Thursday, March 16, 2017

6 February 2017 - IT'SMELLLTINGGGG

The snow is melting.  And it's been in the 40s and kind of raining and it's amazing.  The roads are slushy and horrible, but it's muggy and rainy (which I miss) and not freezing and SO NICE.

This was a weird week because I was sick on Thursday and Friday, then Hermana H-Town was sick on Saturday and Sunday.  So that was rough for both of us and we weren't able to do as much as we wanted to or had planned to.

Quick email today, but here's a cool story: We're teaching Ericka yesterday (I mentioned her before, she loves church, her hubby is quitting smoking, she wants to get baptized etc) about the law of tithing and fast offerings... and this cute little family is on the struggle bus with finances.  Aka they are having a rough time.  Hna Htown and I prayed a lot for help on how to teach it so that they would understand and still feel okay about being baptized... So we teach it to them, ask them questions, read with them, talk with them, they ask a couple questions, and we explain that in order to get baptized in the church, one is to pay tithing once they do get baptized.  Ericka gets this look on her face... not a good look.  My stomach and heart (and probably eye) spazzed a bit, because I was afraid she had completely lost ALL THE FAITH THAT SHE OBVIOUSLY HAD.  But then she said "wait... so I'm not allowed to start paying it now, before my baptism?"  Wait.  What?  We asked her if she did want to start paying her tithing and fast offerings now and she was like "well, yeah.  it's a wonderful way to pay back God for all He's done.  And to help others."  SO THAT WAS SO HAPPY.

Transfers are this week.  Hermana Htown and I are staying in the same area, and possibly even losing 2 of our wards.  They've been on and off with that decision.  SO i'm not sure what will end up happening.  

I love you all.  I hope you're happy, and I'm sorry for the shorter email.

Sister Mc

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