Thursday, March 16, 2017

6 March 2017 - New Address!!! Also, Remember the Alamo~~

"The identity of child of God can NEVER, EVER be threatened or taken away from me. In fact, it is the only identity I’ve found that can’t.

It means there is something from my Heavenly Parents inside of me—some piece of divinity—and since I did nothing to deserve it, there is nothing I (or someone else) can do to take it away. I can’t become MORE “child of God” by my own merits, and I can’t become LESS “child of God” by my mistakes. I just am a child of God. The divine is just there.

I still stumble. At times I still feel insecure and defensive and scared. I still try to stubbornly cling to my lesser identities, but the more I try to identify myself as a child of God—as a child of love, forgiveness, long-suffering, and kindness—the more my self-worth feels solid and stable, built on something everlasting and unchanging. Something good and pure and true. Something that defines my very essence."

(Read the whole thing here - it's so good.)

So, the above quote has been circulating around in my brain, applying itself to all kinds of situations and questions that I and people I teach and love are finding ourselves in and I know that it has at least helped me a lot.  That was a long sentence.  Regardless, the quote has helped me realize the value of MY self worth, as well as others'.

That being said, the above quote made this week a WHOLE lot better than it could have been - aka my Savior helped me through this week and helped my companion and I see SO MANY MIRACLES.  5 people that we are teaching are scheduled to get baptized within the next month, which is nothing short of amazing.  I love the people we teach.  

I also got to go on exchanges with some sisters this week in the spanish area!! My favorite.  A recent convert we taught spoke to me all in spanish, except for one sentence - "Do you have medicine for your acne?"  That was interesting haha.  But I was able to understand everything she said in spanish and help her get set up on FamilySearch to do some genealogy!  It was so cool to see her light up about finding her abuelitos on there.

My favorite thing: one of our investigators is this cute 9 year old boy named Aiden.  He said the closing prayer at our last lesson and in it, he said: "I think it's kinda cool that the missionaries get to come and tell me things I didn't know before... I think even my parents are learning some stuff."  It was great.

WE ALSO MOVED TO A NEW APARTMENT.  And it's wonderful.  If you're in the mood to brighten a sister missionary's day with a letter or something, here's the address:

716 Saturn Ave #2
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

I love you all SO SO MUCH.  Keep praying, keep believing, and be believing WHEN you are praying.  Keep it real and be good.

Sister Mc

The pictures were taken after Debbie's funeral (see previous email I sent).  Soooo happy that previous comps and missionaries that taught her were able to come.  Love those sisters, Love Debbie.  

Also remember the Alamo - March 6, 1836

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