Thursday, March 16, 2017

31 October 2016 - "I didn't fall!"

Hello, all!

This week's email won't be very long, due to time constraints and due to the fact that small children will be tracting for candy today.  We  aren't really supposed to dress up while in public, and we aren't allowed to be out in public at all tonight so... Not too many Halloween-y things in our schedule.

So many miracles have come our way this week.  Nonmember students will have called us on the phone asking us to teach them and help them get baptized.  I'm grateful to be in an area where the spirit can be felt so strongly and where the people get to interact with so many spiritual giants!!  I'm truly blessed.

Our investigator, Kriti, from Nepal got baptized this past weekend.  It was so sweet.  She was definitely shy at first about coming out in her jumpsuit and being the center of attention and was also terrified that she was going to fall and bonk her head and drown, but with baby steps she made it all the way through, and afterwards right after she came out of the font she was just hugging us crying saying thank you over and over again.  It was so tender and so so happy.  

This week, let's all remember that when we're shy and afraid about new or different things in our life, our Heavenly Father is likely holding our hand and hugging us along the way, until we're able to look back and realize that it was all part of God's plan.  Then we'll hug him and cry, saying thank you over and over again.

Haunted and spooky,
Sister McIntosh

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