Thursday, March 16, 2017

28 November 2016 - Rexburg is so white.


I suppose with 4 inches of snow outside it's appropriate to admit that winter is here.  
My prayer for the next 3+ months is that somehow God will make my eyes be able to see the beauty in snow that everyone else in Rexburg seems to relish... Stay tuned.  I'll keep y'all posted.

This week has been pretty interesting.  I've been sick on and off for the past 2.5 weeks which has made proselyting and work difficult, but I think I'm on the up-swing now.. (is that an expression?). 
Thanksgiving was SO FUN.  We spent all morning at a jr. high in St. Anthony, which hosts a free thanksgiving meal for whoever wants to come.  Our job was to be cafeteria ladies serving the food, and then also to be bus-boys (bus-people? bus-sisters?) and servers.  It was fun to channel my inner waitress and to talk about Jesus at the same time.  I also got to see a few people from my first area (#SugarCity) and catch up with them on how they're doing.

After that we rushed to our Thanksgiving lunch appointment, with a nice family in our family ward.  They actually ended up being the aunt/uncle of a less-active member I worked with in my first area. They were super fun and super real and had prime rib instead of turkey... which was a refreshing change.  #COWntYourBlessings

For our Thanksgiving dinner appointment, Julianne fed us!  Julianne is an investigator that I've been teaching since I first came to be a missionary at BYUI (note how I can't say "since I first came to BYUI"...#studentprobs).  She's super funny and we get along really well.  And she loves missionaries, so she invited me and Sister Ganbold, as well as 2 other companionships of sisters!  It was SO FUN.  We talked/laughed/played board games/ate WAYY too much food.  And of course, we talked about #LIGHTtheWORLD. (see last week's email for more deets.  or go here to see ALL of the deets.)

Last night was miraculous.
We had 3 appointments set up for after dinner.  One at 6, one at 7 and one at 8.  It was going to be a good, busy way to end the week.  Until, that is, ALL of them canceled.  66.66% of the cancellations were for valid reasons... but we were still at a loss.  We had back-up plans, of course, but felt weird about them, and the people we did try to visit weren't home.  It was kind of lame.  And it was very cold.  
AND THEN A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE HAPPENED.  For all of that day, we'd been texting a guy named Fekadu about his non-member friend who wanted to meet with us, but we could not figure out a time that would work for everyone... We decided to text Fekadu and ask if we could meet him and his friend RIGHT THEN.  It was like 8:30pm, Fekadu had been traveling all around Idaho that day and we weren't getting our hopes up.  But, he responded with an address and apartment number, so we SPED OVER THERE (i.e. carefully trudged our car through the ice and snow of this bitter tundra) and met Fekadu (friend), Biya (nonmember), and Briahane (friend).  All of them are from Ethiopia and grew up in the Ethiopian Orthodox religion.  Fekadu and Briahane are converts who ended up serving missions in Kenya and Cape Verde.  Biya is so elect.  And so prepared.  The whole lesson was us answering his questions, all of which were about the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration.  The spirit was SO strong and he kept saying "nobody has ever been able to answer these questions before...."  I have high hopes for him.  It was a miracle.

I hope your monday is wonderful.
I hope you #LIGHTtheWORLD everyday, but especially starting December 1st.
I hope you know how much I appreciate the love, support, letters, and emails.
I hope you know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Jesus Christ has a full understanding of what you have gone through, what you are going through, and what you WILL go through.

All my love,
Sister McIntosh

for 3585, he looks JUST like Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec.
The rest are just fun good ones :)

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