Thursday, March 16, 2017

12 December 2016 - Many are cold, but few are frozen.

I went sledding for the first time in my life last Monday.  Some lady in St. Anthony said we could use her backyard hill by the snake river.  It was good.  People kept giving me a hard time for not wearing "snow pants" which I don't even own.  So yes, my jeans had a thin layer of hard ice on them all down my legs at the end.  

I went on exchanges with the sisters who cover the Henry's Fork stake, aka the boonies of Rexburg.  We got lost a lot.  

Ethiopian food is very delicious, and very, very spicy.  I love Ethiopian people, and I love our Ethiopian investigator, Biya.  I learned how to say "thank you" in their dialect, but it was about 5 syllables and I have since forgotten it.

John and Linh got baptized this last Saturday.  Both BYUI students.  Linh is from Vietnam and is the sweetest human being.  
But I want to talk a little bit about John.  I was crying through basically his WHOLE baptism, which is not a thing I usually do.  But, John is someone that we found a few months ago, and he readily accepted the gospel and was happy about it, but he shows VERY little emotion about everything.  And he doesn't talk much.  I have a lot of emotion and can talk a LOT so it was kind of different for me to read him.  He rarely had questions.  He had very short answers and comments.  Very mellow.  Very quiet.  But, at his baptism, his non-member mom and sister (who are taking the lessons in Ohio where they live) came to surprise him.  After his uncle baptized him, John just stood in the water, hugging his uncle so tight, and sobbed.  It was very, very, very powerful.  I was glad that a couple of our other investigators could come and feel the spirit that was SO STRONG.

Love you all,

Me on exchanges with Sister Brinkerhoff after we had just STOPPED being lost.  Aka after driving for 1.5 hours in circles.

Us with Linh.

Us with John.  

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