Thursday, March 16, 2017

13 February 2017 - Miscellaneous happenings for your reading pleasure...

Happy Monday!  Here are some significant things from this past week (disclaimer: a lot of them involve food), in no particular order: 

--The new transfer started, so I got to go meet the brand new sisters, help them find their comps, move their stuff around etc.  They're rockstars.
--I had the most amazing stuffed peppers for dinner sunday night.
--I had the most amazing lasagna and cherry chocolate cake that our ward mission leader spontaneously made for us... also sunday night.
--We got a new investigator who wanted to set a baptismal date on our first visit with her!!!  Melena is her name, conversion's her game.
--I'm getting increasingly excited about the IDAHO FALLS TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE.  Everyone come pls.  We know next-to-nothing about it...  But it will be amazing.
--We had our mission leadership council meeting this week, and SISTER NAITOKO (tongan, one of my favorite people ever, we came out of the MTC together) is now my Sister Training Leader companion again (she came down to Idaho Falls out of Rexburg for the FIRST TIME her whole mission) and they gave us mexican food at the meeting. #myroots
--I've decided that if it's above 32 degrees and the sun is shining, I'm not wearing a coat. #imisssunshine  #iamtoowhite 
--A man told me that my faith is insignificant and only "hollow but happy thoughts".  I tried to explain and help him.  Explicit words from him followed.
--Grass is visible, I REPEAT: snow has started to melt and we can see grass daily.  It's so happy.
--Finished the book of Jacob in the Book of Mormon and I'm obsessed with it always.
--Started the Old Testament recently.  
--We have been regularly teaching this less active family (all fairly recent converts, as well) and it's usually not the easiest visit, but when we came this week, the 12 year old boy that sometimes gives me anxiety kept on asking questions about temples and eternal families and expressing how much he wants to have forever families.  It was amazing and one of those "payday" visits.

There's much, much more.  There always is than what gets included in these emails unfortunately... But I love you all and thank you for your support.  
It's all real.  It's all true.

Sister McIntosh

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