Thursday, March 16, 2017

16 January 2017 - -2 degrees right now

Hello, family and loved ones~~

I have a question for y'all that I'd love to have a response with your thoughts on. A bishop asked us to speak in sacrament meeting in a few weeks and the topic he gave us is "Missionary work and defending religious freedom." I am BEYOND PUMPED for this topic and have been hoping for awhile that I could have an opportunity to talk about it.  I have several thoughts formulating that I could talk about, but I welcome your thoughts as well!  Send a quick note back, if you could, about how YOU think we can defend religious freedom.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm not a fan of cold weather or snow.  Several emails ago, I pledged that I'd pray to find more beauty in snow.  I'm glad to report that I have.  After several unfortunate incidents this and last winter involving excessive walking/slipping/falling (my shoes are warm, but without traction), I have PTSD with ice on the ground.  BUT.  I love snow on the ground because it's safer to walk on.  #thereisbeautyallaround #whensnowsontheground

One of my favorite parts this week was an exchange that I got to go on IN A SPANISH-SPEAKING AREA.  The sister I was with, Hermana Grosdidier, has been out for a transfer and knew NO spanish before her mission.  SO neither of us are really fluent, but both of us can get along okay.  It was so so so so so fun speaking spanish all day.  Our last appointment was us teaching the Restoration to a cute family from Mexico (#myroots).  We brought this cute young couple with us that both served in the Dominican Republic and speak gringo spanish a lot better than we do.  And we taught the restoration!  I wasn't as good at introducing/explaining every point of the lesson, obviously, but I sure was able to testify and feel the spirit and it felt amazing.  AND I could understand everything that they said and all their questions, because the spirit was helping me out left and right.... and because all 4 of us probably have american accents.

Something I've felt the need to do lately is really delve into and study about each of the commandments we teach about as missionaries (10 commandments, praying, reading scriptures, fasting, word of wisdom, chastity, keeping the sabbath day holy etc etc etc) and keep track of all the blessings we are promised for EACH commandment specifically... and it's blown my mind on multiple occasions.  It's strengthened my testimony of God being a just and fair God with a merciful and grace-ful plan (graceful seems weird to put..) 

Thanks for all y'all do.
I'd love to hear back from each of you about my question at the beginning!
I'll send pictures soon!
Expect baptism pictures next week!!!!!

Sister McIntosh

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