Thursday, March 16, 2017

20 February 2017 - The adversary is real. So is God.

I don't know all who remembers Debbie (she's in her early 60s in this pic), but this is her:

I taught her when I was in Rexburg.  She got baptized.  She cried when she finally overcame all she needed to and turned to Christ and repented.  She cheered when coming out of the water.  She smiled so brightly all the time.  I felt so much love for her from the beginning.

I received word this past week that she passed away. I was initially surprised, then sad...  But, the more I've thought about her, her spirit, her light, her excitement about the gospel... I've been thinking about how happy she must be to share the gospel with no inhibitions.  Am I still sad knowing that it'll be longer than I expected before I could give her a hug again? Yes.  Am I happy for her new life?  Yes.

Is Debbie's passing a work of the adversary?  No.  That's not why I titled the email that.  There are many reasons why I know that there is a very real power working against all that is good and happy.  I have experienced those reasons, as I think we all have.  I know I keep telling y'all about all these things I'm learning, but this one was especially profound.  Apparently the church did this cool "HOPE WORKS" initiative or something where basically they did spiritual Ted Talks.  I watched one today and it was a great reminder for me that we can overcome setbacks, unrighteousness, actions of others beyond our control.  Things like that flip our world upside down - sometimes in good ways, but a lot of times in negative ways.  We don't have to flip our world back on our own.  We don't even have to live in the flipped around world we're sometimes thrown in..... But we have a Savior to make us whole, no matter what situation we're in.

Here's the video:


I'm continuing my study of the Old Testament, by the way.  I've resolved to "Remember Lot's wife" as Christ has counseled us.... and I'm also trying to forget what happened with Lot's daughters... Oh my. 

I love you all.  I love hearing from you.

Sister McIntosh

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