Thursday, March 16, 2017

9 January 2017 - Can't think of a cle

Hey, y'all!  This'll be a short one, but here are some things you should know:

1.  My address is:
2115 Robb St
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Letters appreciated.

2.  We went outside, I took off my coat and said "it's so nice outside!!" only to get in the car and see that it was 35 degrees.... rather than -10. What has happened to me?! #acclimating 

3.  Heather is progressing beautifully!!  She came to church this week, we've talked about baptism and it's great.  My favorite thing ever about being a missionary is when I see lightbulbs go on in people's brain/eyes/spirit.  And those are going on like crazy all over Heather's countenance.  It's great teaching her and being taught by her.

4.  This Friday marks a YEAR since I became a missionary.  I've been out for a year y'all.  At times it's felt like just a month or so.  Other times it feels like 10 years.  Or sometimes, it just feels like a year.  Either way, it's so crazy to think about.

I love you all!  I hope to hear from you!!

Sister McIntosh

PS - pics to come

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