Thursday, March 16, 2017

27 February - (no subject)


Tuesday: A temple recorder had a few missionaries over for a q&a session about pretty much anything we had questions about!  It was amazing.  I loved hearing his insights about the things we learn about in the temple and he was able to answer some questions I had about the Book of Abraham, the Plan of Salvation, and SO much else.  It was amazing.  We also got to speak to a group of YW that night who invited their friends to the activity!  HOLLA-LUJAH.

Wednesday:  ZONE CONFERENCE.  It was so great.  It always is.  Sister Houston and I were asked to do a demonstration for it, and I also got to do a training.  And they fed us pulled pork sandwiches.  THat night we had a meeting with all of our ward mission leaders WHILE our mission president had a meeting with our stake presidency.  #twobirds #onestone

Thursday:  We met a really neat part-member family that really wants to take the lessons and they're already wanting to be baptized!!!

Friday: We met ANOTHER part-member family.  They are fascinating.  We love them.... I would tell the whole story, but nobody wants an email 29387 paragraphs long.  It sufficeth me to say that it went well.

Saturday: We correlated with some of our ward mission leaders, went to lunch with our investigator HEATHER (amazing person, and I had amazing prime rib sliders with au jus sauce that I wanted to drink.)  We also got to meet a lot of people that we'd been hoping to meet!  Good day.

Sunday:  Sundays are the busiest days of my life.  Went to a few ward councils, spoke in a sacrament meeting, met with some Bishops, went to some presidency meetings, taught some investigators, went to a family's baby-gender reveal party for dinner (see friday's description--THAT family).  Then we saw a couple other people.  Then we came home and I fell asleep immediately.

Love you all!  
Sister McIntosh

The first one - unintentional blink
The second one - intentional blink - Unintentional blink because it was post-sneeze.
BTW it's snowing again.

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