Thursday, March 16, 2017

7 November 2016 - "You've been here FOREVER!"

^^^ That's something that a BYUI student said when he saw me.  I don't know who he is.  Maybe it has been forever...?

So this past friday night, we spoke at a stake conference.  It was actually the same stake and stake president that I HAD when I was a student.  It was great - Pres and Sis Vickery (1st counselor in the mission presidency) also came and we all spoke about the new skype initiative happening at BYUI, where students can have us come and with them, teach their friends from all over the world.  During my 10 minutes, I asked if anyone in the congregation had a Favorite mormon message or church video that is special to them that they'd be able to access on their smartphone RIGHT then.  Many hands went up.  I called up one YSA guy to the pulpit by me and had him scroll through his friends list on facebook until the spirit prompted him to stop on one, or until a name stood out to him, then had him share the video with his friend in a message and invite him to learn more.  And he did it!  In front of everyone!  I left a commitment for the whole stake to do the same thing that night when they got home. Now every time we go to have lunch/dinner at students' apartments, we have them message their friends and invite them to learn more while we're there sitting with them so they aren't so scared to do it again later.  Great things have happened from this.  Since march, more than 43 people have gotten baptized ALL because one of their friends at BYUI invited them to meet with ward/full-time missionaries over skype first.

After the stake conference, two people came up to us, a girl named Sarah and she introduced us to her friend, John Solas.  John is a referral that we haven't been able to find or contact for WEEKS.  And here he was standing before us.  "I was wondering if you sisters could come and read the Book of Mormon and teach me more about it."  That's what he said.  A nonmember student!  It was amazing.  Miracles are happening.

ALSO JEFF GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND.  It was great.  I will send pictures later.  He was very happy and smiley the entire time, albeit quiet, which is just fine, because his smile was speaking enough about how he felt.

Have a great week!  Read D&C 6!

Sister McIntosh

1. Sister Naitoko: "I look like an Asian school girl!" (Sis. Ganbold wasn't offended, don't worry... also, she wasn't there.)
2.  Selfie taken TODAY.
3.  Kriti's baptism last week.
4.  Jeff's baptism this week.

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