Thursday, March 16, 2017

30 January 2017 - Snow dayyyyy

That's right.  Snow day.  This is the second one we've had this winter.  The first snow day a couple months ago, I was on exchanges with another sister in her area.  THIS snow day..... I was on another exchange again.  Not in my area.  So, there was a lot of interesting things that happened because of that.  It was a spanish-speaking area I was in with Hermana Agustin, who is brand new to the mission.  We had an awesome lesson with one of their investigators about the importance of prophets, and I got to watch "On the Lord's Errand" (movie about Pres. Monson's life) in spanish, which was kind of cool.  The next day I was on exchanges again with Sister Crandall in her area, which was great.  Part of the reason for that second exchange was because there was a LIFE-CHANGING, WORLDWIDE MISSIONARY BROADCAST.  In this broadcast they changed the missionary schedule around to give us more sleep at night and more liberty with our morning routine/schedule.  It's glorious.  I feel so empowered.  They also made significant changes to what numbers we report each week.  They cut it down quite a bit, so there's more of a focus on the PEOPLE and their NEEDS which I'm all about.

We got a new investigator this week named Jocelyn.  She's 14 years old and really sweet.  Her family are all members, and very supportive, albeit extremely less-active (for now).

Speaking of less active members:  There's a less-active lady we're working with and when we went over there yesterday to teach her, she had her boyfriend over.  He's active.  It was a strange visit, my friends.  Her boyfriend (let's call him Tim) was staring at the both of us... saying things like "I KNOW you two will find a man when you come home" or "Make sure you marry when you're young because nobody wants you when you're old and wrinkly and that's a FACT."  and "have any of the elder missionaries showed interest in you?" yada yada yada.  It would have been funny if he was being facetious and teasing us or something.... but it was in complete seriousness.  We didn't stay too long that day.

Update on Heather: she's got two jobs and a couple of leads on some apartments she can move into!  It's so fun to see her get so excited about doing "regular people stuff" now that she's overcome so much, and is sober, and is happy, and the GOSPEL IS SHINING BRIGHT IN HER EYES.  It's awesome.

I think I'll send pictures later today!!  Love you all so so so so much!!  I love to hear from you.

Sister McIntosh

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