Wednesday, July 5, 2017

27 March 2017 - We thank thee O God for.... errything.

One of my favorite scriptures that frequently runs through my head on my mission is in D&C 84:88 -

And whoso receiveth you, there will be also, for will go before your face. will be oyour right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be iyour hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.

This scripture was fulfilled quite visibly and literally today at Walmart when we were getting our groceries.  We usually have no worries about being able to pay for all of it.... except today we did.  For two reasons - 1. It's the end of the month and 2. My companion developed a gluten allergy recently.... and gluten-free foods are MUCH more expensive than what we're used to.  So we were planning on having to cut into our personal funds, which we were more than willing to do.  As our food was scanned and the total came up, TWO LADIES from pretty much out of nowhere came on either side of us, both offering to buy our food.  It was awesome.  I was so so grateful and gave them probably too tight of hugs haha.  Right hand and left - angels.  Everywhere!

Tuesday this past week was Phyllis's BAPTISM and let me tell you, it was lovely. It was also her 80th birthday, and she kept saying over and over how it was "pefect" and "wonderful".  She asked me to give a little talk on baptism so it was fun to relate her REAL birthday to her SPIRITUAL birthday.... both happening on the same day.  She was beaming.

On Wednesday I went on exchanges to be with a sweet sister from the Dominican Republic in her area over on the west side of Ammon, Idaho.  That was fun.  I got some practice in interpreting and understanding a heavy Dominican accent.  We had a lot of fun!  The weather was beautiful all that day - in the 40s/50s and sunny so we walked everywhere.  Pictures to come.

Also I was talking to a non-LDS lady at the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor's Center and during our conversation, some police officers came in and dragged her out of there.  That was a "dear diary" moment for sure.

SATURDAY was great.  First great thing was JOCELYN'S BAPTISM.  Jocelyn is the one who is Rory from Gilmore Girls.  She was so so so happy and radiant.  I've loved seeing her family rally together and all start going to church.  My favorite thing.

Another reason Saturday was great was because of the General Women's session of Conference!!  I was a SPONGE for that session, soaking it all in. I felt so so so much love and gratitude and loved the themes of consecration and being CENTERED in our Savior.  I'm certain that He is aware of us and speaks to us through the spirit that is felt as our leaders testify. 

Love you all!! Pictures to come!!

Sister Mc

1.  Hermana Montero on our walk to an appointment being super excited about the cute little buds on the trees now that it's not -23098 degrees outside.

2.  A blurry pic of me and my companion outside the soon-to-be-opened Idaho Falls temple!  SOMETHING I FORGOT to mention is that transfers are this WEDNESDAY!  And we are staying together in the same area, which REALLY surprised me, because I've never been with a companion for more than two transfers, until this time!  It'll be awesome.

3.  Us and Jocelyn!  She's so cute.

4.  Us and Ericka!  She's also so cute.

1.  Me on exchanges  a couple weeks ago with one of my favorite families!!!

2.  Us post-exchange all meeting up again.

3.  Selfie post-district meeting

 4.  Us at the visitor's center with our investigator, Malena!! (pink jacket) 

1.  Us and Phyllis on her birthday/baptism!!!!  She's the best.

2.  Blurry throwback pic of us with a family that invited me over for my birthday.  Their daughter has the SAME birthday as me! Just 10 years younger.  So they invited us over.

3.  And made us this pretty cake!!!!!

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