Thursday, July 6, 2017

10 April 2017 - Idaho wind + skirts everyday = Disaster.

Hello friends -- 

Unimportant, yet absurd, information:  It was snowing and sunny and 49 degrees yesterday... all at the same time.  How?  The day before was a thunder/lighting/snow/rain storm.  Why?

The Idaho Falls temple open house is rapidly approaching!  It officially opens for the public on the 22nd, but us sisters will start working at it THIS week (on the 13th) for a special needs tour and the rest of the week until the 22nd for VIP tours!  (General authorities, construction workers for the temple, media people etc...)  I'm really really really excited!!  We had a bunch of training at a meeting this week about how to talk (slower in my case probably), how to dress (more professional in my case probably), what to say (fewer puns in my case probably), how to stand (with better posture in my case, probably), and how to act (less spazzy in my case, probably).  So it was fun.  I'm really excited.  Hermana Htown and I are getting 2 extra beds for our apartment to host sisters from the northern areas (Rexburg, St Anthony etc) who will be coming down every couple days to work a couple shifts then spend the night at our place so that there will be fewer commutes between IF and the more-northern land.  We got our schedule and, except for Sundays, Hermana Htown and I are working 6-9 hours EVERY DAY at the temple.  We'll either be in the video rooms before they enter the temple, showing a video and talking about temples, in a photo-booth tent outside after the tour where people can get a picture taken and emailed to them, or in the "reception area" (aka Idaho Falls temple visitor's center) answering questions, helping people fill out referral cards, and entering the information from the referral cards into the computer system and sending them out to the missionaries in the field!!  I'm so excited but kind of exhausted already thinking about it.

OH -- something to keep in mind.... because of the temple open house, our preparation day might not be on mondays.... sometimes it might... but basically what they have told us is that we just need to do the best we can with the schedule, so my email time to talk to all of you beautiful people could be at any time of day during any day, basically.  So If you don't hear from me next monday morning, no need to notify the authorities.  Things will just be kind of crazy for the next month and a half.

Heather had her baptismal interview with the mission president this week -- she handled everything like a champ (and still is) but will be waiting until she gets off probation before she can get baptized.  Send prayers her way, please!

A lot of other stuff happened this week.  We got two new investigators from using the #PrinceOfPeace initiative and video to talk about the savior.  The spirit has been SO STRONG every time we've shared and talked about how the savior is our prince of peace.

I love you all!

Sister McIntosh

These are all from the transfer site when some new missionaries came in....  I didn't realize that my camera was set to a weird filtery setting that made things look all soft and focused in weird places. I probably could have taken some nice pictures if I knew about it and how to work it hahaha.

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