Thursday, July 6, 2017

15 May 2017 - TAKE FIVE

So, as we all know, this past Sunday was mother's day.  And I know that we all love our moms and think they're the best, but mine is actually the best one.  I loved being able to talk to her yesterday and see her so happy.  I loved hearing the talks about motherhood in church yesterday.  it seems in the LDS faith that for the women, we always talk about how "we're all mothers" and that never made sense to me at all before.  This was the first time that I've ever actually really felt and believed how significant and applicable motherhood is in each woman's life- no matter your family/life situation.  It was actually a really really really big deal for me to realize that.  ALso, if you'd like to cry and cry and cry (but in a good way...), please listen to or read this talk by Elder Holland.

I got to see two of my favorite people baptized this weekend!  The first was Avie Clark, who reminds me of me when I was 9 years old.  Our font guy had some issues getting there, meaning the baptism started an hour late, meaning that we got to have some really good chats with her family members, who aren't members of the church and that was awesome!  The other was Ayden Wilson, who is the cutest boy you ever did see.  He's my favorite and I love his family so much.  Ayden's father is not a member, and his mother is just returning to activity in the church. 

So we attended a few sacrament meetings yesterday, three to be exact and so many cool things happened there!  Our investigator, Heather, got called in to work last minute and wasn't able to come to church, BUT she has this friend named Chris.  Chris saw how awesome Heather's life has been since she quit meth and changed her life around, so Chris has been sober for 14 days now and came to church!  It was awesome.  At a a different ward we attended, a new family showed up to church.  They just moved in, he's a member, but his wife and kids aren't.  The bishop asked them if they wanted to take the discussion with the missionaries (i.e. us) and they were totally on board and are coming to the temple open house!  SO many cool things.  Church is awesome. 

So the open house is going very well.  And busy.  Since this is the last week, it's going to be even more busy.  So far, over 140,000 people have come through the open house... On the busy-ish days, we average at about 1,000 guests per hour.  This week I had a cool conversation with these four people from Israel who came to tour western america for a couple months.  It was awesome to talk to them about the symbolism of the oxen etc.  They talked to me about how they are Jewish, but aren't religious.  We had a good talk about culture, Asher (they thought the "usher" name tags they saw people wear were symbolic for Asher), Joseph Smith, and other cool things.  They were neat guys.

I have a new companion!   Last week President Nelson pulled me aside and asked me if I'd like to train.  I definitely said yes.  This is my fifth and probably final trainee and I'm loving it already.  Her name is Sister Lomax, from Vail, AZ (SE of Tuscon).  She's basically pre-trained, a rockstar, and a hard worker, so I'm pretty happy about everything all-around.  I'll send pics of us later.

Sorry for not sending an email last week!  Things with an open house are kinda crazy.  
I love you all and I'm grateful to know and love my Savior, as well.  
Shout-out to Dan and Kim for tying the knot, as well!  Rock on!

Sister McIntosh

1 - Me and Hermana Htown finally trying Reeds Dairy.

2 - Heather showing us some nice spots on the greenbelt of the snake river.

3 - Me with the sisters that have been staying with us for the open house - Hermana Grosdidier and Hermana Agustin


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