Thursday, July 6, 2017

3 July 2017 - Enduring?

Hello, family and friends~~

What a great week it's been in Idaho Falls!  The sun is shining, the river is flowing, the falls are falling, and miracles are to be found in great abundance all around.

Church yesterday was a great experience.  So many of our investigators were all there, and were meeting each other and having a great time.  Heather even bore her testimony and it was SO great.  Before going up she whispered to me "what if I cuss??" and she was so nervous!  I said "I'm sure it won't be first time it's happened, and it definitely won't be the last. You'll be great!"  And she was.  Her main theme was her thoughts on Enduring to the End.  She said "I don't get it, honestly.  The mormons talk about 'enduring' to the end, but living with the knowledge of the gospel and actingin on that isn't something to be endured for me, it's the greatest thing in my life.  I wake up everyday SO happy, because of what I know.  My life before the gospel was what had to be endured".  So profound.  So great.  Made me get a lil' bit teary-eyed.

I am so happy! We went to a lesson with Donna and Carol (sweet older ladies who went to the open house) and Donna told me RIGHT when we sat down "I've been thinking and praying about it, and I want to get baptized soon.  I want to do it before you leave." YAYYYY.  I wanted to be there for her baptism, as well, and I'm just happy that God is ok with that, too and she was able to recognize Him in her life, helping her along to that step!!

Many other great things happened.  Please enjoy these pictures of me and my comp in the back of our car, and also using snapchat on our ward mission leader's phone to take selfies.

Sister Mc

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