Thursday, July 6, 2017

19 June 2017 - T.O.A.S.T. = Thriving On Awkward Situations Today

We believe in all the meetings we HAVE attended each Sunday, we believe in all the meetings we do NOW attend every Sunday, and we believe that we will YET attend many many many meetings every Sunday... and we hope to be able to endure ALL meetings.... every Sunday.

It was a busy Sunday, if you couldn't tell.  But a lot of good things happen. Here are some of the important, good things to know about this week:

Someone made us a lasagna that had 4.5 POUNDS OF CHEESE in it

We had a BAPTISM THIS WEEKEND.  His name is Easton.  His parents are coming back to church more, and he is 9 years old and the cutest ever.  I'll send pictures.  But just know that things are wonderful, and baptisms make me happy.  Because everyone is happy at baptisms!  Because a lot of their family/friends are less active or non-members, we took the opportunity to teach an abridged version of the Restoration of the Gospel to everyone while Easton was changing into dry clothes and it was really powerful.  It was good to be there and just soak in the spirit that always comes when someone makes a covenant with God to follow the Savior.

A woman pretended like she only spoke French when we met her... After we overheard her speaking fluent, American English before we approached her.  I wish I could have remembered ANY French that anyone ever taught me, but only spanish phrases came into my brain.

Because I'm technically part of the batch of missionaries that goes home this transfer, I got to go to the temple with the whole group!  It was the first time that the departing missionaries did their temple trip in the Idaho Falls temple in a LONG time and it was really neat!  It's so familiar yet such a change of pace being in the temple for me.  I enjoyed the time I got to spend there.

So, remember Heather?  Our investigator?  Well, she's been helping HER friend, Chris to quit meth for a while and he's been sober for over a month now and coming to church!!  We FINALLY were able to sit down with Chris, Heather, and the ward mission leader and finally start his lessons.  He's been telling us for awhile that he wants to get baptized but between everyone that wanted to be present for the lessons, it was SO HARD to find a time that we could ALL be there.  But we finally made it happen today, and Heather even brought a cake that she got decorated to say "Happy 1st Lesson!".... Seriously you guys, how often do ex-meth addicts/dealers buy cakes with sprinkles to celebrate mormon missionaries teaching them about Jesus? I'm not sure what the answer is to that, but it should totally happen more awesome, because I loved it.


Sister Mc

We went bowling last pday and I did horribly.

Also due to a fun turn of events, I was in the same place as 3 of my past comps/trainees!  I ove them so so much.

Us with Heather and Chris.  They were pumped about his first lesson.

ALSO the last one was us with Easton after his baptism!

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