Thursday, July 6, 2017

17 April 2017 - HOLA


Today's email will be super short because Hermana H-town and I just got called in to work at the open house about 4 hours earlier than originally scheduled.  
Working the open house has been super fun and super tiring!  This week is "VIP week" and the tours are for the construction workers for the temple, the neighborhood next to the temple that endured construction noises/traffic for the past 3 years, previous temple presidencies, general authorities etc.  The Southeast Idaho Islamic association (I think that's their name...) came for a tour the other day while I was scheduled to work in the reception area afterwards and it was cool to talk with them and hear about similarities between our faiths.  Not sure when I'll get to email again, but I love y'all!

Sister Mc

The picture is a sample of what one of our shifts is - taking these pictures for people and sending them to their email. It's a party as long as it's not raining or hailing.

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