Thursday, July 6, 2017

26 June 2017 - "That's a thing?? We can do that??"

Hello, friends~

We were teaching Thomas this week and he has had a lot of questions recently about temples, and some other such lesser-known latter-day doctrines. Por eso, we ended up teaching him about temples and he talked to us a lot about his experience going through the Idaho Falls Temple open house.  He said that while watching the video beforehand that explained what temples are, he was SO taken aback at the doctrine that families can be sealed together for eternity in temples. He told us that during the video, he turned to his wife and said "Babe, that's a thing?? We can do that??" and ever since then the spirit has been working on him to help him want to learn more and come closer to Christ than he's ever been!  I've loved working with him and his cute family to teach him!

On Thursday, I got a call from the IF temple visitor's center.  The person who was going to do the 4th Sunday musical fireside cancelled last minute, so they asked me if I could fill in... I said yes and immediately started calling missionaries all over IF asking them to help me, and through the grace of God and the willing consecration of so many great missionaries here, I was able to help with and be a part of a great musical fireside about the savior, Jesus Christ!  It was so fun to sing with my companion, play guitar, sing with other missionaries, accompany other missionaries, and  bear testimony of my brother, Jesus Christ.  I'm glad it all came together.

It's getting pretty warm up here.  It's nice to be walking around and getting tan an talking to more people now that there's not sharp icicles dangling everywhere, ice to slip on, or snow to fall in everywhere I turn.  

I love you all. I love this work. Be good.

Sister Mc

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