Thursday, July 6, 2017

22 May 2017 -The Book of LoMaxIntosh, Chapter 1.

Friends and family!

Behold, verily verily I say unto y'all, now is a time of much rejoicing and prosperity in the land west of the great city of Idaho Falls.  And what is the great cause of this much rejoicing?  Behold, that great temple which hath been reconstructed and refurbished for the use of the multitudes in the great SE Idaho valley is completed, yea, even the opening of the temple to the many multitudes is completed. It came to pass that many, even hundreds, yea, thousands and even hundreds of thousands did flock to this great open house.  Covenant people did come, as did those who are not yet covenant people.  And thus we did see because of the outpouring of the spirit in the house of the Lord that many hearts were softened and there was much weeping, yea much rejoicing of others who had desired to turn their heart to that greater portion of the spirit that they were able to experience.

And now, the sisters that had so diligently and faithfully served in the opening of the temple experienced much joy in the service of God.  Yea, they experienced much joy, even to the exhausting of their strength.  But, verily they see that the time hath been well spent and fully spent, and now the focus of their labors must now return to the lands wherefore they have been called to preach with all their strength.

And it came to pass that there were certain sisters of them whose names were McIntosh and Lomax, or rather, LoMaxIntosh, as they were called by certain people there.  And LoMaxIntosh did go forth and did meet many of the great leaders in the valley where they did labor, yea, and these leaders did bring forth food to these servants, as did Amulek in days of old to the great missionary Alma the younger.  And it came to pass that LoMaxintosh, as Alma was, were filled.  Yea, they were filled with the spirit and also with the many spuds and russets that had been set before them by the laborers in the fields of this valley.  

And with the strength that they had received from the church leaders they taught many, yea, they did enter into the homes of many and did open unto them the great words of the prophets from the scriptures regarding the restoration of the gospel.  Behold, in this was their joy full.  In this work of proclaiming was their strength restored, yea the strength that had been exhausted in former days.

And now there was a certain woman among those that received LoMaxIntosh named Phyllis.  Phyllis, being converted and baptized unto the Lord in an earlier season and having heard the words of the Lord's servants before, received LoMaxIntosh with gladness and with much rejoicing.  Yea, and as LoMaxIntosh and Phyllis did rejoice in the new house of the Lord being made available to them in this land at this time for this people, the spirit of the Lord came upon them and inspired LoMaxIntosh to remember remember the words of their great leader, President Nelson.  Yea, President Nelson had imparted unto them news from land south, yea even from that great SLC Church Headquarters, which had told all the servants serving to preach the gospel that they would now be permitted to participate in performing baptisms for ancestors and those who had been deceased.  Yea, this was not the case in years before.  But now, because of the mercy and long suffering of those in the land south in SLC and the revelations from God, LoMaxIntosh and Phyllis, with much rejoicing, hath created a design to go forth after the house of the Lord hath been dedicated and to participate together in the saving of souls who hath passed on, or hath died without a knowledge of the saving ordinances or restored gospel.  

Yea, now I can see that I am weak and that even I cannot understand all the words which I have spoken unto y'all at this time.  Nevertheless and notwithstanding, it is my greatest hope and my sincerest prayer that my loved ones and friends, yea, even my family do continue in the faith wherewith they have felt the love of Christ the Lord, their savior.  Yea, I would that they should continue to love and serve their brethren.  I would that they would know that I do love them and look forward with an eye single to the day that we shall all rejoice together in the gospel of Jesus Christ in the presence of the Lord our God.  

May our God bless y'all forever and ever.  And may we all be more diligent in heeding his words.

Sister McIntosh

​​​​​​​​​​​​Behold, thus y'all can see that great was our anxiety and excitement in holding these chickens.  Yea, and we did hold with all our might, mind and strength, to the point of their eyes popping out from amongst their heads.

Currently typing this through tears!  Look at these wonderful sisters who have completed their service and are going home tomorrow!!!

Far right: Sister Stein, my trainer!!!  She extended her mission for the open house.  I've been so lucky to have my first companion in the mission with me for so long even as I now have less than 2 months left!!
Red Dress:  Sister Naitoko, one of my companions.  She came with me from the MTC and I've known and loved her since day 1.  She was in a trio with me when I served at BYUI and we saw so many miracles.  She's helped me in more ways than I can count and I've learned most of my tongan from her.
Far left: Sister Coutinho from Brazil.  We really didn't become very close until the last 6ish months but we are going to be roommates in the Fall at BYUI together and she told me she'd teach me portuguese.  We're also going to start an intramural women's rugby team at BYUI.  

I love these sisters!!!

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