Thursday, July 6, 2017

1 May 2017 - "Ready the font, Hermana."

Malo e lelei, fefe hake??

Things at the temple are going swimmingly. Well, not literally... the font isn't in operation at the moment.  But it's still going great!  I've had wonderful conversations with people of all faiths.  It's so fun to get to know the thousands of people that come through the temple and it's so fun to spend time with all the sisters from our and the pocatello mission!  

The coolest part of the week, however, was being able to see MALENA get baptized!!  We've been teaching Malena for a couple months now.  She lives with her younger brother (who baptized her) and his wife/kids.  THEIR family randomly moved to Idaho Falls years ago and lived there for 4 years until one day missionaries knocked on the door and they accepted the invitation to baptism that same day.  Tjey got sealed together a year later in the Rexburg temple, and now the head of the house is baptizing his older sister who lives with them.  It was such a sweet baptism, and I love being able to bear testimony of the Savior every day.

Sister McIntosh

PS -- Please enjoy some very mediocre-quality photos of the temple and our baptism and such <3

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