Tuesday, June 14, 2016

9 May 2016 - EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!!!


I have news!  I am currently a missionary in the Idaho Pocatello mission.  That may change in a matter of months.  They're changing the boundaries in the Idaho missions; the Twin Falls mission is dissolving completely and they're chopping my mission in half.  The south half will remain the Pocatello mission.  Bear lake up to Firth.  The north half (where I'm currently serving) will become the Idaho Falls mission.  Shelley up to West Yellowstone and over to Jackson, as well.  

So, next transfer (June 8) wherever I'm transferred will be the mission I'll stay in until I'm finished serving.  If they keep me in the north half, I'll keep being around Rexburg where I went to school and may go serve in parts of Wyoming or Idaho Falls.  I'll have a new mission president.  If the send me to the south half, I'll be in Pocatello, serving around where I have family in Chubbock and Star Valley.  I'll be with the same mission president, whom I love.  Either way, it'll be a good learning experience and it'll work out.  

We helped out at a cinco de mayo party that happened on the siete de mayo.  There were a few kids games, so I helped kids throw a bean bag for 3 hours.  I got a nice sunburn.  

We had a couple of our investigators drop us.  Yelipza was pretty interested in the gospel, but since her boyfriend Jorge wasn't really at all, it'd be too hard to pursue it without him.  As we were leaving, Jorge started blasting rap music and yelling at us in spanish and offering us cerveza (beer).  I guess he didn't realize that I understood everything he was saying.  

There's a man we found in Newdale that makes arrowheads and tomahawks for fun.  He said he'd teach us.  I hope WE can teach HIM as well.

Y'all, keep praying.  Continue in the faith.  I don't have much more to say than that.

Sister McIntosh

PS - I hope you all had a great mother's day.  I sure did.  My mom is the best.

1.  We went to my friend Emren's house for dinner!  She and I went to Europe together before my mission and her family lives in Sugar City!
2.  Ashlynn had a birthday that we happened to knock into while they were getting ready to serve cake - TENDER MERCIES.  Her parents went to Europe, too. 
3.  There were 3 huge dogs that loved me.  I don't love dogs.  But I tried to love them, because if I didn't, they wouldn't let me go to the door.  

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