Thursday, June 30, 2016

27 June 2016 - "Hold your watermelon!"

That's something that the Tongans say.  It's the equivalent of "hold your horses" but I think it's way funnier.  Let's all unite and work together to make it a phrase in the states.  "Hold your watermelon, America."  #hyw 

This week has been SO busy.  On tuesday, we got a lot of new missionaries who, like us, were transferred to be the FIRST missionaries in the Idaho Idaho Falls mission.  How exciting!  Our new mission president, President Trent Nelson gets here on July 1st!

We did a lot of service this week - pulling weeds mostly.  Pulling weeds only, actually.  But I don't mind, at all.  I get to talk to people, be in the sun, work hard, and wear basketball shorts.  Life is good.  

Miracle #1 - We got a text from one of our investigators named Alex.  She's from Hong Kong and is a student here at BYUI.  She has been taught for awhile by missionaries but has never set a date for baptism because her parents and grandparents back in Hong Kong were always kind of hesitant.  And Asians are very, very, very good at keeping the fifth of the ten commandments.  #Honor It's inspiring in some ways, but we want Alex to get baptized!  God wants Alex to get baptized.  Alex wants Alex to get baptized.  SO, we challenged her to pray that her family would have a softened heart.  About a week later, she texted us saying that she skyped her family that night and they ALL gave her their blessing to go forward with baptism if it's what she wants.  WE WERE SO EXCITED.  And so is she.  She's getting baptized this Friday, July 1st!  She'll be the first convert baptism of the new IIFM mission!!  She's making invitations and writing everyone's name in Chinese and drawing cute little anime angles on them.  She is precious.  Did I mention that prayer works, people?

Miracle #2 - Emily is also a student here.  Super rough life and rough background.  Lutheran upbringing.  Her friends brought her to school here.  She's been meeting with missionaries for a long time as well.  They've set dates for her to get baptized, but they always fall through or cancel for whatever reason.  We had a lesson with her this past week, and her roommates and the Relief Society president were all there.  Our goal was to set a baptismal date with her.  REALLY set a date. I was kind of nervous that she'd back off or not open up if there were so many people there.  But we all had an INCREDIBLE discussion about the Holy Ghost.  Pretty much everyone was getting emotional.  We talked about the ways that the spirit can talk to us.  Emily talked about how she's been praying a lot about baptism, but she's been waiting for a big answer from the spirit, a big production, fireworks, a vision, a sign, something like that.  "Maybe feeling the spirit while I'm at church or reading the scriptures, maybe being happier and feeling closer to God than I did before learning about the LDS faith, maybe that's my answer.  Maybe I've had it all along.  I need to get baptized."  It was amazing.  We set a date for her, as well. :)

Miracles happen.  Prayers are heard.  The spirit is real. 
I've come to know these things as I've seen MANY people have a change of heart.  I've seen them have a change of countenance and come closer to Christ.  It can happen to anyone.  Keep on keepin' on, everyone.  
Psalms 27:14

Sister McIntosh

We had dinner a luau on campus recently.  

Weeding with some of our friends on campus :)

 Some people we hosted an FHE with - good times

IIFM Missionaries!!

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