Thursday, June 30, 2016

20 June 2016 - short email this time...

Great week this week!  We taught skype lessons with people in California, Maryland, and have one set up next week for a woman in Germany!
I met a woman named Liz McIntosh!!

One of the less-active women we're working with quit smoking yesterday!  Apparently back when she was younger, she was homeless and a crystal meth dealer and would get high on $500 worth of meth every day.  Then one day she flushed ALL OF IT down the toilet and deleted the contacts of her dealer friends in her phone.  And now she's here.  She's SO incredible and has a goal to get to the temple.

The woman in the picture is a different less-active woman we work with.  She is the sweetest person alive and wants more than anything to go to the temple.   We had our last lesson with her out on the temple grounds and it was incredible.

I seriously wish I had the time and typing ability to let y'all know about ALL of the wonderful people we're working with and teaching!

This week our mission is getting 18 new missionaries from the Boise mission.  Things are crazy with the mission boundary reorganization.  It'll be really busy....

There's a student named Taylor who goes to school at BYUI that we're teaching.  She was baptized in August but is going through some struggles right now and keeps talking about how she's "embarrassed to talk about the atonement" because she's made some mistakes that she's working through with Christ and with the bishop and she's having to use the atonement to do so.  It was really neat to talk with her about the purpose of the atonement.  It's not just something that we use when we make big mistakes, but we should be using the atonement of Jesus Christ EVERY DAY.  It's not just to fix our faith and heal our heart during difficult times, but it's the power that keeps us going from day to day to become a little better and a little closer to God.  It's what enables or allows us to overcome our shortcomings and mistakes.  It's what turns our weaknesses into strengths.  There is absolutely NO reason to be embarrassed about having to use the atonement.  If anything, it's something that we should celebrate and shout from the rooftops: Because Christ overcame death and weakness, and sin, and temptation, and afflictions, and infirmities, and everything else for all of mankind, we are all able to find new life, to find healing, and to find Christ in our hearts.  Everything that is unfair about this life will be made right through the Atonement.

Celebrate the atonement.  Use the atonement.  Thank God for the Atonement.

I'm so sorry that I'm short on time!  
Sister McIntosh

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