Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hello, all!

This week we had an awesome appointment with Alexis, a 10 year old who is getting baptized next month!  Not sure if I'll still be here for the baptism, but I hope I will be!  For the appointment, we gave her a tour of the church building, and since we have keys to everything, we let her see the baptismal font, and even walk around and go inside it.  Usually we don't do this, but she's really scared of water an of the process of baptism (#immersion), and it I felt like she needed a little extra help getting comfortable.  It was a great lesson, and is on date for June 10th!  She's so great.

"Loopholes become nooses" - that's a quote from a multi-zone conference we had this weekend!  Elder Wilford W. Andersen of the quorum of the Seventy came, President Hancock and his wife spoke, and it was uplifting in SO MANY WAYS.

Elder Andersen talked about the difference between head knowledge, heart knowledge, and soul knowledge.  Head knowledge appeals to evidence, our senses, rational thinking, numbers, facts, etc.  Heart knowledge appeals to our spirit, our desires, and our feelings.  Both are required in order for someone's soul knowledge to be developed.  Soul knowledge is when we make changes in our life.  It's when we make commitments and when we make progress and learn from our growth.  It's easy for missionaries to give people head knowledge, fumble through or forget heart knowledge entirely, then expect people to change and act and develop soul knowledge.  He talked about the importance of both KNOWING the gospel and FEELING the gospel,  before we expect any progress.  It was very inspirational and helped me in regard to my teaching and in regard to my own personal development.

Where did May go???

Sister McIntosh  

1.  4-Generations!  Sis Reupena with her mom/trainer aka me.  then my trainer/mom Sister Stein (SO GOOD TO SEE HER) and then HER trainer/mom Sister Alaisa. 

2.  Love my poly sisters

3.  THE ELDERS who were in my district at the MTC!!!  SO good to see them too!!!

1.  Odie.  He follows me around and just stares at me.  For HOURS.  It's creepy.  And he is always slightly shaking.  Why? WHY??  I call him "Grodie" when he smells bad.  Good dog. 

2-4.  There are four cats.  The black one I named "Mange" because she has half of her ear missing, sneezes always, and has weird discolored matty fur.  I love her.  The other 3 cats don't have names, except for Adolf.  Adolf has a weird mustache.


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