Wednesday, March 2, 2016

22 February 2016 - Hello!!

I don't have much time!  So I will tell you all of the highlights:

On Saturday we went to the 99th annual American Dog Derby in Ashton, ID.  It's where a bunch of people around come and race their sled dogs.  We volunterred to help with the Mutt Races/snowshoe races for the kids.  It was interesting, because I hate dogs haha.  But they were all very well-trained  and we weren't allowed to pet them, so I loved it.  They had the missionaries do a snow-shoe race and I came in second!  YAY!

We started teaching this awesome kid named Gabe.  He has a lot of good friends that are members, and he wanted to learn more.  We taught him about Joseph Smith and the book of mormon and believes it and wants to be baptized, but then we found out the next day that he IS baptized, just wanted to see if he could get baptized again.  He lives far away, so nobody knew his family or anything.  That was fun.

Tomorrow I go on exchanges, which means, I get to spend the day with a different companion, and I'll actually be on campus, working in south Rexburg!  Crazy.  I'll probably run in to people I know there.

Thank you all for emailing me!  Love you,

Sister McIntosh

And that is some of my district!

These are some of the kids I teach!  The boy in the scout uniform is our investigator, Aiden.  Cute kids.

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