Sunday, February 21, 2016

15 February 2016 - 1 month older and wiser!!

Greetings to all -

As of last Saturday I've been on my mission for a month!! Yay!
It is warming up here - been in about the 30s and the snow is starting to melt!  Hurrah!

We have an investigator!  His name is Aiden.  10 years old.  His family is great - two younger sisters and his mom are all interested in the church and sit in on lessons.  We love teaching him and we have some appointments this week to meet people who are also interested in learning more about the good word of God!  

This week our district served at a local food bank.  Outdoor food bank.  A big truck came and dropped of a BUNCH of food and we just made an assembly line, where we put one or two of everything into a box, then gave the boxes to people who came.  However many they needed.  We made hundreds.  I was to busy and happy talking to all the people that I forgot to get hypothermia and freeze.  

I've eaten a LOT this past week.  Members feed us very well.  It's also fun to be eating a roast, then have the dad of the family say "didja see that little cow by the front door out there?  This is her dad you're eating." haha.  Very delicious, tender meat and potatoes that people grow and raise themselves.  What a concept.  We got two dinners on some nights because a lot of the congregations have Valentine dinners and parties, which we obviously aren't gong to miss!  Free food, good people, and opportunities to talk to people about who they know that we could teach.  At one of the dinners, the Young Women's president asked if I could provide some background music for their ward candle-lit dinner, being served in courses by the girls in the ward.  Pretty fancy for this part of town.  I agreed and had fun playing a medly of movie music for people's romantic dinner haha.

On Saturday (day before valentine's day), Sister Stein and I went to go see a woman who lived close by us.  We didn't call ahead, and she was getting ready to leave when we showed up.  She said she was going on a Valentine's date with her husband that night.  Not a big deal, so we just set up a time to come back when she'd be home.  As we were leaving, I said "have fun on your date!" and she replied "you, too!".  It made me laugh/smile/cringe/cry haha.  Not really.  It still cracked me up, though.

On valentine's day, I got to give a talk on the importance of personal testimony in one ward, and teach the 17 year olds' sunday school class about the Plan of Salvation in another!  I love doing stuff like that.  

In my talk, I talked about how the reason it's important to develop and SHARE our testimony is because that's how we defeated Satan (Revelations 12:7-11).  We're told to put on the armor of God in Ephesians 6:11-17, and all of it is defensive EXCEPT the sword of the SPIRIT.  When we bear our testimonies, we bring the spirit.  The spirit is what REPELS Satan.  It's how we are victorious.  I can testify of that because I've seen it in action up here in Idaho.  Have the courage and the bravery to talk about the things you believe in to others.  It's the BEST way to have power over Satan and the BEST way to let Satan have power over us is to say nothing and do nothing.... which, unfortunately, is easier.  Sorry.  Best of luck.  Godspeed!  D&C 84:88.

I'll send pictures later.  Thank you all for your kind words and notes!  I love hearing from you!!

Sister McIntosh


 The weight of the ice made the drain gutter thing on the church collapse.  Crazy.

  This is what our weekly planning sessions look like.

 This is what the view from my window in the mornings looks like.  Yes, those are the Teton mountains.

This is what me and some cows look like.

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