Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4 April 2016 - The snow is almost gone

And SINCE the snow is almost gone, that means that there is more green appearing, more sunshine, and less instances of me leaving our little house with 278+ layers.  I actually have traces of a watch tan line!!  Miracles do happen, my friends.

We went to dinner at a Bishop's house this week, and as we start eating, he casually told us that we have a baptism this month.  UM, WHAT??  Apparantly there's a kid named Kevin that everyone and their cow knows in Sugar City, who isn't a member.  All of his friends have tried to convert him for his whole life.  He goes to Utah State in Logan and, long story short, had some very powerful experiences that made him realize that now is the time for him to get baptized.  But he lives in Logan.  BUT, he insisted that he get baptized in Sugar City, since that's where his family/friends/childhood is and he didn't want to make everyone travel down there. (Everyone seriously would.  He's so popular/loved.)  So basically I have a baptism in my area this month.  And I've never met the kid.  So that's exciting!

Remember Yenise?  The incredibly prepared woman who's been through so much and wants to make changes?  She's also getting baptized this month.  And she asked if we could get her tickets for General Conference.  So we did everything we could.  And we got her three for the Sunday afternoon session.  And she went.  And she's wonderful.  And getting baptized.

Also.  Vanessa is HOPEFULLY getting baptized.  If her family lets her.  Lots of praying has been happening.  

There was a pinewood derby activity this week.  Not just for scouts, but for everyone, and it was totally fun.  A family made some cars for us.  Pictures to come.
At said derby, I met this old, old woman who served a mission in Berlin forever ago.  We chatted for awhile and she told me stories about going on the other side of the wall to the Communist side and having to collect tithing/fast offerings and hide them in her big coat from the guards and soldiers.  So intense.

I hope you all got a chance to watch general conference.  If not, I conveniently included a link in this email.  You're welcome.
It was interesting to see familiar faces and hear familiar tunes as the choir that I was in at BYU-I sang during the Saturday PM session.  Good times.
It was interesting to watch conference as a missionary.  Because I wasn't just watching for myself and what I need, but for MANY others that I teach and work with.  So if you ask me which talk was my favorite, it'll depend on who is on my mind and heart at that moment.  One of my favorite quotes, however, was by Dallin H. Oaks.  He said that "some things can only be learned by faith."  Of course we'll learn things through experience and through study. But some things won't be as apparent.  Ever.  That's why we need faith to help us with what we DO know, and not be "blown about by every wind of doctrine" or trial that we don't understand.  Be grounded by what you know, have hope in what you believe, and have faith in what you can learn.

Eyring's talk at the beginning and Renlund's talk at the end of that same session in particular spoke to my soul in a very real way.  They're both a good study.  What are some things that YOU learned from conference?  What are some things that stood out to you?

I love you all.  

Sister McIntosh

Us with the family that made us a derby car.  Mine (not pictured) has plastic apples glued onto it.  #mcintoshapples

Us with Macie (pink shirt) and her family at the Derby.  Macie is a recent convert and her family is starting to come to church!!

Our marvelous district

We might be moving to a new house this week in the small city of Teton, Idaho, so I got some quality pictures with my NEIGHbor.

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