Tuesday, April 12, 2016

11 April 2016 - "Loud, breeding, Greek eaters"


We had zone training this week, which is always a joy!! I love seeing and learning from the other missionaries in the Rexburg area.  Sister Stein and I did a musical, which I got to play guitar for.  That's always fun.  Afterwards, all of the elders came to our place and helped us move!!  Yes, we moved!  We now live in the terribly tiny, tiny town of Teton.  #alliteration 
We live in the basement of a member.  It's is much more spacious and much more frigid.  It is sunny and beautiful and in the 50s outside, but probably in the -20s inside.  It's fine, though.  Keeps me awake and alert :)  Transfers aren't until the 27th, but one of our Bishops found and got a place ready for us and wanted us closer to the work!  It'll help with mile conservation, that's for sure.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT to those who have written me a letter/mailed a package in the past 2(ish) weeks:
Firstly, you're a champ, and thank you.  Secondly, I probably did not receive it.  All of the mail we get is mailed to the mission office in Pocatello, which then forwards it to our house.  Since we moved, however, the mission office had to change the address in their system of where we live.  But they changed it to the wrong address, and they changed it before we even moved.  SO anything that we would have received was sent to an incorrect address, and therefore will be sent back to the sender.  SO, if you got your letter to be back, my sincerest apologies.  I called the office and sorted everything out, and all is well.  Try, try again, ya know?

We had dinner with a woman from Russia that moved to Sugar City like 15 years ago.  Heavy accent.  Very polite lady.  She prayed in Russian at the end!!!  So neat.

I also met a woman whose mother was 100% Scottish (we talked for awhile about Scotland #clanmackintosh) and whose father was 100% Greek.  She was raised Greek Orthodox and converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when she was about 25.  She had a neat story, spoke some Greek for me, and asked about my Scottish heritage.  It was amazing.

We're also got a new investigator this week!  He's Jehovah's Witness.  We have some really good talks about his faith and ours and he loves learning.  He also speaks spanish.

As you can see, it's been a very multicultural week.  We spent a lot of time preparing for the move, so we didn't do as much proselyting as we would like to have, but it was still a great week. 

Vanessa is getting baptized THIS SATURDAY!!!  It's been so fun and amazing to see her grow and progress.  She is so ready and so excited.  As is everyone in the area.
That's what this time on earth is all about.  Progress.  Growth.  Learning.  Experience.   Essentially, we are just in an embryotic state, preparatory to evolving and improving until we get to become like and live with God--our Heavenly Father, who loves us and is mindful of every tiny step and stumble we may take along the way of our progression.  But. Because of Christ, everything we need help with, everything we are bad at, everything we love, cherish, worry about, suffer through, enjoy... ALL OF IT can be done with Christ's help.  Because he's been through it all.  Alma 7:11-12.  Something to ponder.

What have you been pondering this week?  What have you learned?  What scriptures have you read that brought you hope?  What experiences have you had that brought you perspective?  I'd love to hear how Christ is helping you grow.

Sister McIntosh  

Me with our house mom.  We are living in her basement and she is an EMT and drives an ambulance!!!!!  She gave us a tour.  I thought about laying on the gurney and creating a very mean, yet impressive late april (lapril) fool's joke... but decided against it. To my mom's appreciation, I'm sure.

Missionaries do all sorts of rescuing!  

Us with Vanessa getting her ready for her baptism on SATURDAY!!!

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