Monday, August 15, 2016

25 July 2016 - What do you mean, you "don't have A.C."....?

WHOOO!  It's been a hot week, folks.  Hot and dry.  Don't get me wrong, I'm plenty used to hot weather.  But hot, dry, weather at a high altitude with a bunch of visits in students' apartments with no AC?  That's a sweaty experience.

The semester ended this week, so our teaching pool is much smaller than it was before.  It was hard teaching my sweet investigators, seeing them progress and be happy, seeing them get baptized, and now sending them to China.  Literally.  But, since this is my companion's last transfer in her mission, it's very likely that they'll keep me here longer than planned, aka long enough to be here when Fall semester starts and all of our converts come back!!  It'll be a good day.  Also apparently a lot of my Houston friends are coming back from their missions and will be coming to BYUI for the fall semester, as well.  Weird.

This work is a hard work.  Missionary life isn't for the faint of heart.  Rather, missionary life isn't for the faint of heart who aren't willing to be strengthened with the help of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know sometimes my emails aren't super long or informative or spiritual, and sometimes I send goofy pictures.  But I want you all to know that I wouldn't be willing to do this work of spreading the gospel if it wasn't true.  I wouldn't do it if the gospel wasn't able to bless everyone's life.  But it is true.  And it does bless lives.  It does bring peace.  It does so as we turn to Christ, as we forsake our pride and our weaknesses and let Christ make us who God knows that we can be.

I love you all dearly.

Sister McIntosh

1.  All the sisters in our zone got together to teach the hula to a group of YW in sugar city, my old area!  So fun to see everyone there and so fun to pretend to be polynesian like my other sisters... haha
2.  A member gave us water and peaches.  It made me SO happy.
3.  Our district.  Not everyone was ready for the picture.

 This was everyone before the mission got split.  The last group pictures of the "big" IPM.  It was a good time.  See if you can find me.

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